Wind+rain, fifth week, early race choices

The Hood-to-Coast relay team that’s full of Running Club alums is
finishing the race today in wicked winds and monsoon rains. It’s 198
miles from Timberline Lodge to Seaside with a weather assault thrown in!
Details next week...

Your cross country buildup Week #5 is below...including hills, a tempo,
strides and a long run.

If you want to race cross country on September 11, read below. Or, if
you want a really low-key, cheap race, how about the OTC monthly 5km

Are you registered for the Club yet? Use your uoregon.edu email

Ash Creek and Dellinger

If you plan to run in the Ash Creek Preserve race on the evening of
September 11 at Western Oregon, you must enter on your own. Sorry, but
I can’t enter you for the Club without putting a $29 fee per person on
my credit card. You’ll have to enter yourself at

Check here for details:

We can get some of our fastest people into the Bill Dellinger meet on
Pre’s Trail the same evening. It would be free for Club members. Let
me know if you want to race at the Dellinger on Friday, September 11.
heino@uoregon.edu or text 541-954-0263.

OTC Race On Thurday, Sept 10

Oregon Track Club’s monthly run for September is Thursday, Sept 10, 6pm
at Amazon Community Center. It’s a low-key 5km road race and entry fee
is just $5. ‘Not interested in Dellinger or Ash Creek? Let’s do this
for fun!


You must Register with the Club

It appears you have to use your uoregon.edu account to register (I
think). If you can’t figure out how to get registered, we’ll manage it
when the Club Sports office reopens on September 8.

Returning and new members of the Running Club must register with UO Club
Sports before you run the first step with us. Member registration forms
for 2015-16 are now available here (?):


Rule: “Anyone participating in a club MUST complete a registration form
PRIOR to activity. This is a very important part of risk management.
They are also available to members directly at the club's Org Sync
portal (under FORMS).”

It's almost September: Week #5 of Harder Running

We have four weeks until school starts and eleven until NIRCA nationals
in cross country. Here is Week #5, beginning August 31 (two sessions,
a long run and maybe some strides):

20-25 minutes of hill running. Just get to the top, don’t attack it.
Jog down (do NOT run hard downhill). The hardest that you need to go
uphill is the same level of effort which you would use in a race. Try
to vary the hills if possible...different steepness, length, surface.
Does anyone only have a freeway overpass (live in central valley of
California or San Luis Valley in southern Colorado, or in Miami)?

Tempo run 12:00-16:00. See Week #1 below for description of effort.

Long run: same distance as last week (or less if you need the
recovery), not longer.

Optional: Any day of the week, you can do 6 x 100m (relaxed stride)
with 50-100m jog recovery...see how fluid, relaxed, effortless you can
make a stride.

- - - - - Week #4 is below - - - - -

On the week of August 24, during one steady run, do 9-12 strides. This
time, make every third rep faster than the others. Recovery and
emphasis same as in week #1.

On another day, do race-paced repetitions with recoveries of walking and
jogging: 4-6 x 2:00 runs with 2:00 jog-walk. If that doesn’t appeal to
you, do a ladder instead: 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, 3:00, 2:00, 1:00, with 1-2
minutes of jogging and walking between. The effort is “current cross
country race pace.”

On another day, during an easy run, do one mile (or 5:00-7:00)
brisk...at about lactate threshold...this should feel good!

Finally, increase your long run by 1-2 miles this week...but only if you
feel ready to do it.

(If you haven’t done any of the previous workouts, start with week #1.)

- - - - - Week #3 is below - - - - -

One day, find some hills and do some reps. Every hill is different.
Spend 10-20 minutes running up and jogging down. Just get to the top.
The effort will take care of itself. No attacking! No race
simulations! (If you have any inkling of achilles soreness, do NOT do
this workout. Instead, do minute runs on a flat surface again, like
last week. Running hill repeats when you’re not ready can wreck your
achilles. Jogging down can be hard on your knees. Be thoughtful!)

On another day, do a set of “cruise intervals” which are run at lactate
threshold, the same as tempo run pace. (See Week #1 below, third
paragraph, for an explanation of lactate threshold and tempo runs.)
Cruise intervals are a tempo run broken up into repetitions with very
short rest. In this workout, do three or four runs of 3:00 at lactate
threshold, with just one minute of jogging between them. If you can’t
jog the recovery, you’ve run too fast. This workout is written:

3-4 x 3:00 (lactate threshold) with 1:00 jog

On your long run, do not increase your volume this week. And...if
you’re feeling fried, maybe you should cut the run down by several miles
or take a rest day. Be smart!

(If you didn’t do Week #1 or #2, start with #1.)

- - - - - Week #2 is below - - - - -

On Monday, August 10, there are seven weeks until school starts and
fourteen until NIRCA nationals in cross country. Have you been diligent
about doing aerobic runs? Here is week #2 with some faster running.
(If you didn’t do week #1, start with #1 and stay a week behind for

One day, in the middle of your relaxed run, do 8-10 easy strides. Look
at Week #1 below for more details.

On another day, after you’ve warmed up with at least two miles easy, do
5-8 one-minute runs at what-feels-like your current cross country race
pace. Do one minute of jogging between reps. If you are not able to
jog the recovery, you’ve run too fast. This is how I write this

5-8 x 1:00 (XC race pace) with 1:00 jog

On another day, increase your long run by one mile if that seems
reasonable. Last week you added 1-2 miles to one of your runs and
created a “long run”. Now go a mile farther.

These workouts will get harder almost every week, but we are starting

- - - - - Week #1 is below - - - - -

Let’s keep it simple for now. One day this week, do 6-8 relaxed strides
on some soft, firm surface (grass, turf, dirt, track...not pavement).
They can be about 100 meters or twenty seconds. Take as much rest as
you want between. Run at a speed that’s brisker than your steady run.
Look for a feeling of relaxed quickness...it might take several reps or
even several sessions to feel good running faster. That’s fine...the
ability to run fast and feel good doing it will come back!

Barefoot strides are okay.

On another day, do a short tempo run, just 6:00-8:00 total. Go out for
your regular run...in the middle of it, speed up a little, to a faster
pace which you can easily hold for six or eight minutes. This is
somewhere near lactate threshold. It feels brisk, good, and easy to
sustain for several minutes. It’s not even close to cross country race
effort or 10km race effort. Someone who sees you running at lactate
threshold will know that you are not just out for a run, but will not
wonder if you are in a race.

On another day, do one longer run that’s one or two miles longer than
any of your others during the week. This is your first weekly long run.
You can build it gradually to 12-16 miles during the fall.

Strides, short tempo, longer run…that’s where we’ll start. Now, the

1) If you have specific questions, email me at .

2) If you are already doing more than this, be careful. Make steady
progress, but be patient!

3) If you haven’t even started a mileage buildup yet, read below!
There is still time but you’d better start now. Find out how to start
and select a method…

Monday through Friday this week

We’ll meet at 8am at my house Monday, August 31, through Friday,
September 4. You can watch them take the scaffolding down. They’ll
knock the front porch off the house too!

I live at 1012 E. 21st Avenue. From the dorms and Hayward Field go
south on Agate Street to 21st Avenue. Turn right and go five blocks to
the corner of 21st and Harris. I live at the corner. If you can’t find
it, phone me at 541-954-0263.

As usual, I’ll ride my bike while you go for an easy, aerobic run. Fun!
Or, you can do the listed workouts any day. They’re fun too!

NIRCA and our cross country schedule (same as last week)

‘Still no word on our qualifying race...

NIRCA will require every runner who wants to go to nationals to compete
in at least one of their “qualifying” races this fall. We hope that our
Amazon Collegiate Run on Saturday, September 26, will be a approved as a

If it is not, you must race in the NIRCA Pacific Regional at Stanford on
Saturday, October 24, to be considered for our team at NIRCA Nationals
in Kentucky on November 14. As coach, I will pick the team (seven
women, seven men) from among our “qualifiers”, based on the season’s

There are no other qualifying meets west of the Mississippi except for
one in New Mexico on October 17.

Here is a rough draft of our schedule. We will not compete in ALL these

Fri, Sept 11, Ash Creek Preserve, Western Oregon, Monmouth
Fri, Sept 11, Bill Dellinger Invitational, Pre’s Trail (our fastest
runners only)

Sat, Sept 26, "Amazon Collegiate Run" Amazon Trail, Eugene, 3
Sat, Sept 26 Northwest Classic Lane CC (only if NIRCA rejects our

Sat Oct 3, Charles Bowles/Willamette Inv, Bush Park, Salem

Sat, Oct 10, Wes Cook/George Fox Invit, Willamette Mission State Park,

Sat, Oct 17, Lewis & Clark Invit, MacIver Park, Estacada

Fri, Oct 23, Beaver Classic, Avery Park, Corvallis
Sat, Oct 24, NIRCA Pacific Regional, Crystal Springs, Belmont CA
(The course is brown, rock hard, hilly and treeless, just off
I-280…famous high school course)

Sat, Oct 31, Stumptown Race #3, Gabriel Park, Portland, 4-miles for men
and women
(This is a 9:30am race in Portland, requiring a 6:30am departure from
Eugene on Halloween.)

Sat, Nov 14, NIRCA Nationals, Lexington, KY

Volume Buildup... Two methods (same as last week)

Even though you might have started to a add quality to your training,
you can still continue your buildup of aerobic volume.

These runs establish an aerobic base, build muscular endurance, and
toughen connective tissue (tendons, ligaments, cartilage). The
intensity stays low as the volume increases.

If you’re just now starting your buildup of volume, and you want to
count weekly miles, here are two ways to progress:

Plateau method: 30-30-35-35-41-41-48-48-56-56
--a gradual increase, but with plateaus to “consolidate your gains” and
be sure that you’re ready for the next step up. Jack Daniels suggests
three-week plateaus, with slightly bigger jumps.

Dropback method: 30-36-42-36-42-49-42-49-57-49
--you build up two weeks then drop back for one week. The progress
seems slow but the chance of being hurt or worn out is small.

There are four weeks until fall term starts on September 28 and 11 weeks
until NIRCA Nationals in cross country.

Get some work done, and arrive in the fall feeling that you’re well
prepared and ready to do hard days twice a week in late September, and a
long run on the weekend.

But don’t be a slave to mileage! There is virtue in rest. And it’s
better to not risk a blowup. If you get five or six days in week a week
exactly as you want them, that’s a pretty high success ratio. It’s
better to get to Eugene in the fall healthy and ready, than to have gone
over the edge by pushing too hard.

Plan to arrive here in the fall ready to start a season. I’ve started
to give you sample workouts (above) so that you can build up to full
workouts by late September.

If you have specific questions now, email me at .

Sprinters? (same as last week)

Are you still being active? Bored? Tired of work? Find someone to
ride with, run with, skate with, hike with, kayak with... Make an
appointment, if you have to, but get out and go!

And come back to school ready to do some training.

We're up to 26 Newcomers!

We added another new Club member last week:

--Megan McIntyre meganmcintyre97@gmail.com
--frosh, Aloha HS

Here are the rest of our newcomers for summer and fall:

Morgan Le, mvl@uoregon.edu, frosh, Sheldon HS, Eugene
Tessa Jackson, tessaj@uoregon.edu, UO student
Emily Gonzalez, egonzal7@uoregon.edu, frosh
Misael Flores, mflores2@uoregon.edu, new PhD student in education

Tia Hatton, tiahatton@gmail.com, frosh, Mountain View HS, Bend
Jake Willard, willtl97@yahoo.com, frosh
Curtis Dlouhy , curtis.dlouhy@gmail.com, new PhD student, Economics, Nebraska Wesleyan
Dillon Murphy , dmurphy1903@gmail.com, frosh

Dana Fry, fry22d@mtholyoke.edu, graduate student from Mt. Holyoke
Seth Berdahl , sethhberdahl@gmail.com, frosh, Forest Grove
Lyndi Strange, lyndis8742@gmail.com, summer intern at UO
Sabine Slome, s.l.slome@gmail.com, frosh

Jack Larson, collegejbl@gmail.com, frosh
Miles Trinidad, miles.trinidad@gmail.com, frosh, Glencoe HS
Alexa Bailey, itsalexaba@gmail.com, frosh, Aloha HS
Leir Martuccio, lmartuccio96@gmail.com, frosh, Cibola HS, New Mexico

Kela Apau, kela.apau@gmail.com, frosh, Tigard
Veronica Blackwell, vblackw2@uoregon.edu, frosh, Del Campo HS, CA
Steven Tang, steven97tang@gmail.com, frosh, Liberty HS
Pieper James, pieper.a.james@gmail.com, frosh, Clackamas HS

Taryn R Kay, tkay@uoregon.edu, frosh, Amador Valley HS CA
Jack Southworth, southworthjack@gmail.com, frosh, Lake Oswego HS
Brian Yates, brian.yates1991@gmail.com, post-bacc, Queens Univ. and Arizona State
Madeline Punches, mpunches@uoregon.edu, Grant HS
Lana Huizar, dhuizar277@icloud.com, new undergraduate

Welcome all!


‘See you,
Tom Heinonen

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Who we are. What we do!

UO Running Club gives students the chance to get together to run, train and race. Most of our sessions are steady runs. A couple of days each week we offer harder training sessions (intervals, repetitions, hills, tempo runs, cruise intervals).

The club is coached by Tom Heinonen, a member of the US Track and Field and Cross Country Coaches Hall of Fame who coached the University of Oregon women for nearly three decades. In his time coaching the women, he transformed the team from a young program into an NCAA powerhouse. He retired in 2003 to start the club and has been coaching it since.

In the Fall, we compete in collegiate cross country races throughout Oregon, then finish our season at the NIRCA Championships, where we face other college clubs. In the Spring, we enter in collegiate track meets. Several of our runners earn the opportunity to race at Hayward Field each spring. There are road races throughout the year.

We have a wide range of talent and commitment levels, from recreational runners to All-Americans.

Club members receive an e-mailed workout schedule for the following week every Sunday. There is no fee to join the club.

All running sessions are optional. To join, just show up to one of the practices or contact one of us.

The Running Club is a great way to get together with students and to enjoy running!



'Starting a Running Club?
'Building Your Club?

Read this, a document written by our Club leaders!


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